Play Happy Wheels Online Now

Happy Wheels is an online game which can become very addictive. The game is unique in that it involves a racing aspect along with obstacles in which you have to surpass with blood and gore. This game is humorous to a point in that, if preferred, you can just injure your character repeatedly. The good thing about this game, the injuries are in good detail but remain in a cartoon form to where getting grossed out doesn't usually happen. But, the injuries do signify sort of a evilness behind them.

The blood and gore that come with the injuries are mostly what make the game what it is today, it's the reason behind the ever growing popularity. You begin the game in a wheelchair attempting to go down steps avoiding any chance to fall. The average person will become addicted to this game in that they'll want to make it to the finish line. This task is quite difficult and can take a while.

While in the process of making it to the finish line, several accidents can occur either one at a time or simultaneously. If you hit your head on any object, you run a great risk of having your helmet crack and fall off. There's also a chance of breaking your ankle or any other body part. Each time a part of your body is hit, blood spurts out. Again, this is game is displayed in a cartoon style so the chances of actually feeling any nausea are minimal. What makes this game hold that addictive edge to it is that the more times you hurt yourself the more difficult it is to reach the finish line. This alone can cause a person to play nonstop for hours.

If you love games in which the difficulty level is set pretty high, this is the game for you. Challenge your friends and see who can cross the finish line first. Or challenge your friends and see who can injure their player the worst. Whatever your preference, this game is very entertaining and addictive. Of course there's a little bit of comedy involved as well.