Another graphics-based flash game has just hit the Internet and it's called Happy Wheels. It offers a very intriguing gameplay and is quite addictive. The game is only for players who have a strong stomach though. Expect to see a lot of blood and guts in this skillfully designed game that combines physics and a seriously twisted sense of humor.

Primary control keys on the keyboard are the four arrows, space bar, shift, Ctrl, and the letter "Z" It can be difficult to control your character during your first tries because the controls feel a bit heavy or delayed to use.

Similar with many other games, you will start by choosing a character and level. And Happy Wheels has prepared quite a morbid array of characters. The game begins with four basic characters to choose from but you can unlock more as you progress in the game.

The first character is a rugged old man riding a wheel chair; the second is a businessman riding a private vehicle; the third guy is riding a bicycle with a passenger in the backseat; the last character is a big woman riding a scooter for the disabled. These characters perfectly complement the highly dangerous levels they will trek through later on.

The main goal in Happy Wheels is to go far across a particular level or road without injuring your character. Even the smallest body part or a drop of blood lost will result to a failed mission. If you wish to advance to steeper paths, you must press the space bar and then have a try to reach it again. As long as you have the character's main torso, you can continue playing the game even if its feet and hands have been torn off from a fall.

Happy Wheels is an extremely challenging game and you may find yourself on multiple failed attempts at a particular road or level. Once you injure your character, the body parts fall off and blood drops slowly until you cannot go further. To be able to complete missions, you must have a great deal of patience and good timing.

For players who enjoy gory games, you'll love Happy Wheels' effects as characters are pierced through spiked fences and their blood sprays across the landscape. Another interesting feature is the level editor, which enables you to create new terrains and adjust the level of difficulty, a feature that will come in handy later on when players have finished all the available levels.