Walk Through Guide

Happy Wheels offers the best of two worlds. This game uses the intricacy of puzzle games, while also giving the player the thrill and excitement of racing games. To add to the fun and excitement this game also has the realistic feature of injuries. As the player moves from level to level, the idea is to sustain as few injuries as is possible.

The fun part of the injury aspect of the game is that the injuries one incurs are real. In other words, they are true to life. If one falls wrong, they get a broken ankle. If they fall and bump their head, they sustain the contusions and injuries associated with that type of fall. While this might not sound like fun, the injuries add to the need for greater talent and control of the characters.

Happy Wheels also has many other aspects that the online gamer would find attractive. Among these is the ability to customize your own game. That's right, the player has the ability to formulate and create their own levels and game play throughout the course of the game. One can make it as hard or as easy as they desire.

The player also has the ability to alter and create a number of different characters to use as they proceed through the game format. Change their abilities, their look, and even what levels the characters will be available to play on. This also applies to the types of vehicles that the player can use throughout the game. While there are already a number of different vehicles available for use, more can be customized to the players' desires.

Half the fun of playing Happy Wheels online is that the player will always be able to experience a new game every time that they play. Change the order of the formats ad levels, alter characters, and even set the pace faster or slower, all this and more make this game a must play. Be careful though, because your characters are only rag dolls. These dolls can flop and flip around if the controls are not manipulated just right.

If the online gamer is looking for action and excitement this is a game that offers it all. Injuries, blood, and racing others makes Happy Wheels a fun filled time passer. Progressing through countrysides, cities, and everything in between also makes this game feel realistic while keeping the action fun.